"Queen of kings " by Nyree Mackenzie for Moustache magazine

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Photographer/ Creative Director: by Nyree Mackenzie Nyree Photo
Model: Gisèle Pletzer
Stylist / Fashion Director: Tamzen Holland Fashion-Stylist

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ESPN Films and ESPN W | Nine for IX “Branded” | for saveitlikesolo

I think without question women who aspire to be athletes, who want to play sports, are better off today than they were thirty years ago. I think it really encouraged young girls to go out there and aspire to their dreams and try to reach their goals. 

But despite Title IX, women have really gained very little at the professional sports level over time. 

It’s a cultural issue. It’s not just a women in sport issue. As a culture we have to look at all of the messages we send out on a daily basis about what we think is important. I think we’ve made a lot of progress. But I think we have a lot of progress to make.

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This movie tho

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Fangirl Challenge: [23/30] Friendships » Taystee Jefferson and Poussey Washington
"I’m sorry, P. I never meant to let you down."

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Japanese girls receiving shooting training during school in the 1930s.


Japanese girls receiving shooting training during school in the 1930s.

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Just gonna throw it out there- “feminazis” aren’t real. Stop equating genocide to that one time a girl told you to stop being a sexist piece of shit. 

Also if you’re a feminist then PLEASE don’t reclaim that word. It has anti Semitic connotations and it’s just not cool

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